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Intermediate Heaven

Intermediate Heaven

Before we proceed further with our study, I want to paint for you my vision of the present or intermediate heaven. This view comes from many years of study of the Bible and other books written about visions of heaven. I don’t believe that my vision contradicts the Bible in any way. We have to ask the question how much of the description of the New Jerusalem, as recorded in Revelation, is present in the world today. C. S. Lewis referred to the earth as a shadowland of what heaven is like. That means that even the most beautiful scenes on earth pale in comparison to heaven.

Revelation twenty-one records that the New Jerusalem is the same size in width, depth and height -1500 miles in all three directions. As many Biblical scholars have speculated, I believe that the shape of the city of heaven is in the shape of a pyramid or more like a huge mountain. There is a huge wall around the city with gates of pearls and streets made of pure gold. It appears that this wall is 1500 miles high with the city on a mountain within – lots of smaller foothills and valleys. There is also a lot of vegetation. Perhaps more like a huge park with cities and villages scattered about. At the top of the mountain is the throne of God. Out from the throne flows the tree lined river of life. As it flows in many directions, it branches into many tributaries.

There are also hills, valleys, meadows and forests. There are many beautiful walking trails which are great for slow, relaxing strolls, but there can also be quick travel, probably initiated by thought, in moving from one location to another. There are fountains, waterfalls, and lakes all around. Everywhere you go in heaven there is pure fresh water that is as clear as crystal, smooth as silk and glistens.

Since some have had visions when standing outside the walls, there may also be an area outside the walls. If so, we do not know how large this area is.

Our senses will be heightened to levels that we never dreamed. The air will smell fresh and clean rather than having an unpleasant odor. The light that surrounds you is a loving light that gives you a feeling of love, joy and peace like you have never experience on earth. The light is brilliantly intense and engulfs you. Although many of the colors are the same as we see on earth, others are not. There will be soft hues and tones and others will be vivid dazzling colors – all surpassing anything that we have on earth. The grass and vegetation will always be faultlessly manicured – no need to mow the grass. There will be many beautiful flowers of many stunning colors. One report states that the stigma of some flowers was pure gold.

The angels and saints will join together to form a heavenly choir producing reverential, glorious praises to God. Many of the songs will be those that we have sung while on earth but there will also be new ones. We will also discover, much to our surprise, that we will be able to play musical instruments – golden harps, trumpets and others.

Throughout heaven there are people of all ages, yet they are all young looking, beautiful and vivacious in their dazzling white garments and perhaps golden sashes. They have jobs that Jesus has assigned to them – not stressful jobs but ones that allow them to use their gifts. While strolling around you will see happy children playing. There are various kinds of gentle animals and birds, those that we have on earth and others.

There are books everywhere as God has probably recorded all of history in heaven. We will be able to continue to study and learn. Time may no longer be a factor and we can relive parts of history. We may find that time in heaven is more like a stopwatch which moves from scene to scene rather than continuous as time is on earth. We may not be as concerned about what time it is or what day it is. Also, time could seem to move much faster in heaven.

There will be uniquely designed houses in heaven that will best fit our personality and taste. They will be of varying colors, made of the most precious materials and also having huge verandas for relaxing in the outdoors. They will serve as gathering places for fellowship with family and friends. How about having lunch with our great great grandparents or great great grandchildren?

Perhaps our relationship with Jesus with be both formal and casual. We will be aware that He is God and will praise and worship Him and the Father. However, Jesus also had a causal relationship with his disciples while He was on earth. Perhaps from time to time we will walk, talk and fellowship with him on a casual basis. Yes, there will be food in heaven. At least some of the trees will bear fruit. Revelation speaks of the trees bearing fruit and the leaves use for healing. Perhaps there will be other foods there.