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Other Death Bed Visions

Other Death Bed Visions

In his book Voices from the edge of eternity John Myers compiled death bed visions from many years ago. The following are excerpts:

1. – There are so many of them. There’s Fred and Ruth – “what are you doing here? Oh, I know” (She did not know that Ruth had died the week before) (pp 19).

2. -They are calling, calling, calling – there in Heaven “Didn’t know it could be so? beautiful. All is well with my soul” (pp 21).

3. – Oh! Papa, what a sweet sight! The golden gates are open, and crowds of children come pouring out. Oh, such crowds – In a whisper “Yes, yes, I come, I come” (pp 45).

4. – “It is very beautiful over here” (Edison pp 48).

5. – “Why Tom, I didn’t know you were up here” (pp 55).

6. – Mother, John “Don’t weep for me. Don’t call me back. I’ve been with Jesus, and the glory and wonder of it is too great” (Little Boy – pp 64).

7. – “Oh, they are so beautiful” “What do you see?” “Angels and they are so beautiful” “They have wings” “They sing the sweetest of anything I have ever heard.” “I see the holy city” “I see Christ and Oh, He is so beautiful” “A lot of people – Uncle George and a lot more” (Carrie Carmen pp 66)

8. – “Here! There! They are coming now, and I shall go!” “There! There! They are going to open the gate. Now I can go in” (pp 98).

9. – “There’s Mary (His sister)! Don’t you see her – standing at the foot of my bed?” “Beautiful, beautiful she is. There, she’s gone again” “Here she is with two angels with her. They’ve come for me” (pp 147).

10. – A little girl – “The angels have come for me, I must go! They are at the door waiting for me. Ma, let me go! And then she looked up toward Heaven and continued, ‘Look at the little children! Oh, Ma, I must go” (pp 161)!

11. – “Oh, how delightful it is! I knew you would be with me when the time came, and I knew it would be sweet – but not as sweet as it is”(pp 167)!

12. – Pastor’s dying words – “Why, Heaven has come down to earth! I see the angels. They are flying through the house!” “After a little sleep, he awoke and exclaimed, ‘I have seen the King in His beauty – King of glory. I have slept in His palace'”(pp 176)!

13. – “The angels say there is plenty of room up there”(pp 179)!

14. – Pastor’s Wife – “I see two angels coming for me” (pp 197).

15. – A dying Husband – “Here that music! They don’t have such music as that on earth” (pp 206).

16. – Young women dies – “About a week before the end her mother, sitting by her couch, became suddenly conscious of a most heavenly influence pervading the entire room. It was so powerful that she could scarcely refrain from shouting aloud. She wondered if Helen, on whose countenance rested a pleased expression, felt it too. The next day Helen said, ‘Ma, you thought I was asleep yesterday while you were sitting by me. I wasn’t, and two angels came into the room. The walls did not hinder their coming'” (pp 212).

17. – She exclaimed, clearly, “Oh! do you hear the music” (pp 232)