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Missing Links

Missing Links

Darwin knew that at the time he wrote his book that there were not any known transition fossils proving that man evolved from a lower form of life. However, he believed that in the future fossils would be found proving his theory.

For many years, children’s textbook have taught that some of the following are the so called missing link and have shown the so called evidence in the textbooks.

The following article was copied from the Straight Talk web site and is a good summary of the truth about these published missing links.

“All of the ‘missing links’ on this page are examples of poor anthropology being used in an attempt to convince the public that God does not exist. Unfortunately, this rush to judgment is a consistent and erroneous theme of the evolutionary science community. The only thing missing from their studies was thorough research.

• NEANDERTHAL MAN: When this prehistoric man was first discovered, only part of an arm was recovered. Yet, the scientific community fabricated an entire ancient society around an arm bone. Scientists have since found quite a few Neanderthals and after careful study have concluded that these ancestors were regular humans with bone disease, probably rickets.

• PILTDOWN MAN: For more than 50 years we were led to believe that this ancient creature was another supposed ancestor of modern man. Two scientists eventually took a closer look and found out that Piltdown man was a fraud. This invented creature was a composite of the jawbone of an orangutan and the skull of a small child. The original ‘discoverers’ had stained these bone fragments to gain recognition and promote the falsehood of evolution.

• NEBRASKA MAN: One ancient tooth was discovered in Nebraska. Eager evolutionists built a whole imaginary society and lifestyle around this single tooth! When they found the rest of the skull some two years later, it was clear that the tooth belonged to a pig. For many years, evolutionists described Nebraska Man as a missing link.

• JAVA MAN: This prehistoric man was found on the island of Java and was reported to be the missing link between man and ape. After serious study, it was found that the two pieces of Java Man were from two different skulls from two different areas of the island. Both were from the same species, probably an Orangutan, but they were not the parts of a man. Recent human skulls have now been discovered in the same layer of rock.

• PEKING MAN: This manlike creature was found in China during the early part of this [last] century. No other scientists have directly observed this site and it has not actually been seen in more than 50 years. All of the examples of Peking Man were reported to have the back of their skulls smashed in, exactly matching the result when people of that region hunt for monkey brains. Also, modern human remains were found at the same site.

• LUCY: Lucy is the latest find that has been almost universally accepted as mankind’s ancestor. Lucy is an Australopithecus, that is actually more like a monkey than man. When the bones were studied by spectrograph, they were found to match a chimpanzee, rather than a man. Lucy, too, is a mosaic, with bones assembled from different locations.

• LAETOLI FOOTPRINTS: These footprints were found in the same strata as the Lucy bones. Evolutionary scientists have said that Lucy-like animals made these, but a podiatrist concluded they are modern human footprints. It appears that Lucy is not an ancestor of modern man, but simply a monkey.

• KENYA SKULL: Recently it was reported that scientists had discovered a fossil of a skull in Kenya that evolutionists claim has more human-like features than ‘Lucy.’ This means that evolutionary scientists must once again revise their theory of man’s origin. Ken Ham, Executive Director of Answers in Genesis says ‘that the skull—which he says appears to be the skull of a chimpanzee —[will cause] the evolutionary fossil record of human ancestors to be replaced with question marks’.

• ARCHAEOPTERXY: Originally thought of as a transitional fossil between the reptiles and birds, it is now considered by most evolutionists to be a true bird. Also true birds have been found lower in the fossil record, making them older than Archaeopteryx.”

“Chinese paleontologist, Xu Xing, contends that Archaeopteryx is a combination of two fossils: one of the body and head of a birdlike creature and the other of the tail of a dinosaur. Xing says he has found another fossil, in a private collection in China, that contains the mirror image of the supposed tail of the Archaeoraptor. National Geographic published a note in its March 2000 issue saying that CT scans of the fossil appear to confirm Xing’s observations and ‘revealed anomalies in the fossil’s reconstruction.'”

“To sum it up, here is what Dr. Austin Clark, a leading biologist of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, has to say about the subject: ‘No matter how far back we go in the fossil record of previous animal life on earth, we find no trace of any animal forms which are intermediate between the major groups of phyla. Since we have not the slightest evidence, either among the living or the fossil animals, of any intergrading types following the major groups, it is a fair supposition that there never have been any such intergrading types. There are no such things as missing links. … Missing links are misinterpretations.'”

Source: Missing Links.