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We are beginning a new series of studies on Biblical and Christian History. Some of the material I have written and some will be written later.

It may take some time to post all of these articles so come back and check from time to time.  

The Beginning of Mankind.

We will began our study with the creation and fall of man and women. Click to read the article: The Creation and Fall of Man.

We will next look at the origin of evil as we look at a kingdom of darkness. Click to read the article: A Kingdom of Darkness.

After leaving the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve quickly find themselves in a wicked world which will be destroyed by a flood. Click to read the article: The Antediluvian Period.

Only eight people were saved from the Flood. Noah and his family have a new beginning. Chick to read the article: The First World Government.

God Chosen People

Note: This section has become corrupted and is in the process of correction.

God then turns to a man called Abram, a son of Shem and a Hebrew,and begins the process of creating a new nation through which he will reveal his word and a Savior. Click to read the article: Abraham, Isaac, and Jocab.

Now we see how the family of Jacab became the Nation of Israel. Chick to read the article: The Birth of the Nation Israel.

Next we will look at the new nation move into the promised land of milk and honey. Click to read the article: The Promised Land.

Now we will look at the history of Israel as they become a world power and then declined because of their disobedience.  Click to read the article:The Golden years of Israel.

Times of the Gentiles

We now began a series of studies between the captivity of Judah and the end of today’s world.  The first article is a summary of world history so that we will better understand the detailed articles of this time period. To begin this study, click: The Times of the Gentiles.

Before we proceed with the history, it would be very informative if we look at the warning that Moses gave to the children of Israel just before they crossed into the Promised land. We find this warning in Deuteronomy Chapters 28-30 and many of the books of prophecy. I have an entire section on Prophecy. Moses’ warning is one of the Biblical covenants and is called the Palestinian Covenant. Click to read the article: Palestinian Covenant.

We now move to the period of exile for the Jews. We will began with a summary of the Dispersion of all the Jews and then move to the period of Babylonian Capitive – a period of 70 years. To begin this study, click: The Dispersion and The Babylonian Captivity.

This series of articles will continue later.

The next article will be:  “The Post-Exile Period”

Then we will look at the period of time between the New and Old Testament – “The Intertestamental or Deuterocanonical Period”