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Major Themes of Biblical Prophecy

Major Trunk Line of Prophecy

The book of Revelation is the terminal, like trunk lines running unto a grand central station, where the highways of Biblical prophecy come to an end.

These major lines of prophecy are:

1.  The Lord Jesus Christ (Gen 3:15).

2.  Satan and Evil (Isa. 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28;11-18).

3.  Israel’s Covenants.

4.  The Beginning, Duration, and End of the “Times of the Gentiles” (
Daniel 2:24-45).

5.  The Church (Matthew 16:18).

6.  The Duration and End of Apostate Church.

7.  The Resurrection and Translation of the Saints.

8.  The Great Tribulation.

9.  The Second Coming of Christ as the Jewish Messiah.

10. The Millennium Kingdom.

11. A New Heaven and a New Earth.
Source: “Reveling through Revelations” by J. Vernon McGee

Major Themes of Biblical Prophecy

Old Testament Themes

1.  Jewish Dispersion and Persecution.

2.  A Desolate Holy Land.

3.  The National Spiritual Blindness of Israel.

4.  Israel as a Resurrected Nation – Dry Bones of Ezekiel.

5.  David Given an Everlasting Throne – Jesus as Lord of lords and King of kings.

6.  A New Covenant for Israel.

7.  A Suffering Messiah.

8.  The Eventual National Salvation of Israel.

9.  The Judgment and Future Role of the Gentile Nations.

10. God’s Time Line with the Future of Israel – “70 Weeks of Daniel” chapter nine.

11. Last Days Prophecy – Tribulation, The Millennium Kingdom and A New Heaven and New earth .


New Testament Themes

1.  Rapture


2.  The Great Tribulation


3.  The Millennium Kingdom


4.  Eternity

Key Books of the Bible

1.  Genesis – The foundation chapter – Beginning of God’s plan for the ages.

2.  Matthew – Written to the Jews.  Shows Christ fulfillment of the Old Testament Prophecy.

3.  Revelation – The conclusion of God’s programs for the ages.