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Sons and Grandsons of Noah

Sons and Grandsons of Noah

From the Writings of Josephus

1. Japheth – His sons proceeded along Asia as far as the river Tanais, and along Europe to Cadiz.

    ■ Gomer – Galatians
    ■ Magog – The Scythians – present day Russia – see footnote below
    ■ Madai – Medes
    ■ Javan – Ionia and all of Greece
    ■ Tubal – Iberes – Modern Georgian nation
    ■ Meshech – Cappadocians
    ■ Tiras – Thracians – occupied the area between northern Greece and southern Russia

2. Ham – His sons spread over the land from Babylon to Africa

    ■ Cush – Ethiopian
    ■ Nimrod – Babel, Erech, Accad, Calah and city of Nineveh, Rehoboth, Calah
    ■ Mizraim – Founder of Egypt
    ■ Phut – Founder of Libya
    ■ Canaan – Land of Palestine – Judea and Lebanon

3. Shem – His sons inhabited the land that began at the Euphrates and reached to the Indian Ocean.

    ■ Elam – Elamites, ancestors of the Persians
    ■ Asshur – Father of the Assyrians
    ■ Arphaxad – Father of the Chaldeans
    ■ Eber (Heber) – The first Hebrew – Ancestor of Abram (Abraham)
    ■ Lud – Lydians
    ■ Aram – Syrian

For more information click on: “The Works of Josephus – Book 1, Chapter 6“

Footnote: The Bible betrays Gog and Magog as enemies of God and Israel. Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 describes how Gog and Magog with an alliance of Arab nations will come against Israel in the last days. It is interesting that Josephus identified Magog with a nomadic group known as Scythians. Most encyclopedias identify the Scythians as having lived in the past in present day Iran. Considering Iran’s threat to Israel, it is interesting that the Scythians migrated to southern Russia north of the Black Sea . You may click on: the “Encyclopedia Britannica” and the “Brama News Source” for more information.