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The Prophetic Books of Daniel

The Book of Daniel

Everything Jews, Gentiles, and Christians, need to know about the future is predicted in the Book of Daniel. All is explained in the most minute detail in Daniel’s twelve chapter manuscript, penned under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Here is the very good news: The time has finally come. The Book of Daniel is now explainable and understandable. There are not many commentators on Daniel. But now, the hour has come to unseal the final end-time mysteries of the Book of Daniel.

None of Daniel’s prophecies were to be unsealed – until the “time of the end”. Imagine, mysteries that no one could unravel for 2500 years are suddenly being presented with clarity under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Let me whet your appetite with an amazing perspective on Daniel. The first 35 verses of the 11th chapter predict 135 different facts. Amazingly, each of these events has occurred and can be documented. If you check them out, you’ll discover the passage to be 100 percent accurate. Even secular history documents the most minute points in this passage – right down to the names of people, places, and events.

You will also learn as you move through these pages, that in Daniel 11:40-45, the king of the South (Egypt), the king of the North (Russia), and the kings of the East (the Asian confederacy) are poised to march against the leader of the West (the European Union). What has been sealed for 25 centuries is now a book with its seals removed that can be understood by any person with eyes to see and ears to hear. The message of Daniel is simply this: The clock of history is winding down. Daniel is a preview of coming attractions. Major prophecies are being unsealed because now is closing time.

Chapter Outlines

Chapter one: Wanted: Healthy, Good-Looking Lads. Daniel reaffirms his commitment to the true God. Nebuchadnezzar delights in his choice of Daniel and his three friends.

Chapter two: A King Dreams and is confused. Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a large metallic image. Daniel’s interpretation of the four kingdoms and the times of the Gentiles.

Chapter three: Unfazed by the Furnace. Nebuchadnezzar enforces universal idolatry. The three Hebrew children are thrown into the furnace when they refuse to bow to the king’s image of gold.

Chapter four: The Testimony of a King and his reason restored: Testimony of Nebuchadnezzar. The dream of Nebuchadnezzar and its interpretation by Daniel. The king’s capacity to reason is taken away, only later to be restored.

Chapter five: Don’t Look now but there is something on your Wall. At the feast of Belshazzar, the fingers of God wrote on the wall, unreadable by the king’s wise men. Daniel refuses to be seduced by the king’s various attractive offers and interprets the handwriting on the wall. Babylon falls to the Medes – the prophecy fulfilled that very night, even as Belshazzar’s party was in full swing.

Chapter six: Preferred above Princes. Daniel’s favored position under Darius the Medes creates jealously, and they plot to destroy Daniel as he prays fearlessly at his open windows, thanking God and praising Him three time a day. Daniel was thrown into a den of lions. Daniel’s deliverance leads to his ultimate prosperity.

Chapter seven: Events prophesied and fulfilled. Beast, beasts, and more beasts. This is Daniel’s vision of the four beasts. The vision of the “Son of Man” coming in clouds of heaven. The definition of the four beasts and Daniel’s explanations

Chapter eight: A tale of Two Madmen. Daniel’s vision of the ram and goat. The interpretation of the vision. Daniel is devastated physically and psychologically by this vision.

Chapter nine: God’s ultimate program for Israel. Daniel’s prophetic prayer is the culmination of a lifetime of prayer; the first 21 verses contain Daniel’s prayer, and the final six detail the prophecy of the 70 weeks (7 x 70 years).

Chapter ten: Visions and Beasts no More. Daniel sees Jesus. Time, place and preparation of Daniel for the vision of Christ glorified and its transforming power on Daniel. The message of an unidentified heavenly messenger provided Daniel with assurance and strength.

Chapter eleven: History Ends – Prophecy Begins. The vision continues. Antiochus Epiphanes is identified. The man of sin rises to power. The temporary victory of a willful king”

Chapter twelve: Final Mysteries Unsealed. The Great Tribulation. The resurrection of Old Testament saints and sinners. The sealing of prophecies until the end of the ages. History’s final end-time mysteries unsealed.

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