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The Antichrist

The Antichrist

Before, we get further into the activities of the Antichrist, perhaps it would be helpful to look at what is given in the Bible about him. The following is taken from Tim LaHaye’s book on Revelation.

“Just as Jesus Christ is the promised ‘seed of the woman’ (Gen. 3:15), the Antichrist is the promised ‘seed of the Serpent.’ Counterfeiting the work of God has ever been the work of Satan, the master enemy of the soul of man. For six thousand years he has tried to counterfeit everything God has done for man. The crowning piece of counterfeit will appear when Satan raises up a man to be a substitute of the Lord Jesus Christ – a man referred to as the Antichrist. It should be pointed out that this term which has been universally accepted by fundamental Bible teachers and prophetic students is nowhere in the Bible used in connection with a specific person. The title is employed by the apostle John in his first epistle but repeatedly refers to one who opposes Christ, particularly one teaching anything contrary to the deity of Christ. The Bible repeatedly predicts, however, that one will arise as the embodiment of all anti-Christian activities, purposes, and motives that Satan has implanted in his emissaries throughout past centuries. We call him Antichrist because he is opposed to everything which Christ represents.”

Titles of the Antichrist

Many titles are given to the Antichrist in scripture – at least twenty in number. Some are given below as examples.

• Isaiah 14:4 – “king of Babylon”

• Isaiah 14:12 – “Lucifer”

• Dan. 7:8, 8:9 – “little horn”

• Daniel 8:23 – “a prince that shall come”

• Dan. 9:26 – “the prince that shall come”

• Daniel 11:36= – “the willful king”

• 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8 – “that man of sin,” “the son of perdition,” “that wicked one”

• 1 John 2:18 – “antichrist”

• Revelation 13:1 – “a beast”

Source: Revelation, Tim Lahaye, pp 170-171