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Precious Stones of the New Jerusalem Foundations

Precious Stones of the New Jerusalem Foundations

• Jasper – A clear gem that could be a massive diamond.

• Sapphire – A clear blue gem similar to a diamond in hardness.

• Chalcedony – A greenish agate with possible a few stripes of other colors mixed in.

• Emerald – A bright green stone.

• Sardonyx – A reddish white onyx similar to the color of healthy fingernails.

• Carnelian – a fiery red and blood-colored stone from Sardis.

• Chrysolite – A transparent golden-yellow stone.

• Beryl – A sea green emerald lighter in color that the third foundation.

• Topaz – A transparent greenish-yellow stone.

• Chrysoprase – A yellowish pale green stone similar to the modern aquamarine color.

• Jacinth – A violet hyacinth-colored gem.

• Amethyst – A purple –colored stone.

Note: These stones are the same as used in the High Priest’s breastplate.

Comments: The number twelve is used in the Bible for administrative completeness. It is used throughout the description of the New Jerusalem.

The city has twelve foundations made of the precious stones listed above. Many believe that each foundation being 500 miles long was laid flat, next to each other under the 6,000-mile wall of the city. Some speculate that the stones were built on top of each other, each layer extending 6,000 miles around the city. Others even think that the foundations form columns holding the New Jerusalem above the earth.

The light of the Lord would shine through these stones presenting a gorgeous dazzling display of light and color – beautify unsurpassed.