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Quotes of Dying People

Perhaps our best source for an understanding of heaven is from death bed visions of those who have passed on. There are many people over many years who have had visions of heaven just before they died. For some, they appear to be between this world and heaven. For a short time they are aware of what is going on in both places. The following are selected quotes from death bed experiences.

• “There are so many of them. There’s Fred…and Ruth – what are you doing here? Oh, I know” (She did not know that Ruth had died the week before). (A dying girls last words – Page 19).

• “They are calling, calling, calling – there in Heaven” “I didn’t know it could be beautiful. All is well with my soul” (Page 21).

• “No Pain! No valley” “If this is death, it’s not bad at all! It’s sweet!” “This is my coronation day It’s glorous!” (D L Moody –Page 24).

• “Oh! Papa, what a sweet sight! The golden gates are open and crowds of children come pouring out. Oh, such crowds” “In a whisper – Yes, yes, I come, I come” (Page 45).

• “It is very beautiful over here” (Edison Page 48).

• “Why Tom, I didn’t know you were up here” (Page 55).

• “Mother – John – don’t weep for me. Don’t call me back. I’ve been with Jesus, and the glory and wonder of it is to great” (Little Boy – Page 64).

• “Oh, they are so beautiful?” “What do you see?” Angels – and they are so beautiful” “They have wings” “They sing the sweetest of anything I have ever heard.” “I see the holy city” “I see Christ and Oh, He is so beautiful” “A lot of people – uncle George and a lot more” (Carrie Carmen Page 66).

• “I would not change my Joy for the empire of the world” (Page 77).

• “There!, There! They are coming now and I shall go!” “There! There! They are going to open the gate. Now I can go in” (Page 98).

• “There’s Mary (His sister)! Don’t you see her – standing at the foot of my bed?” “Beautiful, beautiful she is. There, she’s gone again” “Here she is with two angels with her. They’ve come for me”(Page 147).

• “Oh, how delightful it is! I knew You would be with me when the time came, and I knew it would be sweet – but not as sweet as it is!” (Page 167).

• “The angels say there is plenty of room up there!” (Page 179).

Note: These quotes taken from “Voices from the edge of eternity” Compiled by John Myers.