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    Welcome to the R. Wayne Jackson website. The post contains site information and instructions, copyright information and additional background information. If you are new to this website please read before reading the Bible Study posts. It is suggested the you look at this post each time you visit as it may have changed.

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    This post is intended to introduce you to R. Wayne Jackson and his background. If you have not read this please do so before going to other post.

  • They Beheld His Glory

    The five or six months before Jesus was borne must have been both exciting and somewhat apprehensive for Joseph and Mary. Can you imagine the excitement that they must have experienced? God honored them by allowing them to be the earthly parents of His Only Begotten Son. But there were also problems – much like the kind we experience each day.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven

    After Jesus presented His credentials during the early part of His public ministry He moved to Capernaum. There He announced the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand. For the next eighteen months He explained Kingdom living.

  • Last Nine Months of Jesus’ Public Ministry

    This narrative begins about nine to six months before Jesus’ crucifixion. During that time Jesus is teaching his disciples and having a dialogue with the Jewish leaders. As Jesus approaches the cross the hostile level between Jesus and the Jewish leaders increases until it explodes during Passover Week.

  • The Trials of Jesus

    In this narrative we will use Scripture to allow us to sit through the six trials of Jesus before He was sentenced to death.