Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus – Passover Week

   Prophecy Description    Prophecy Source  Fulfilled
1Jesus riding on a coltZech. 9:9Matt. 21:4-5
  2Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LordPsalms 118:26Matthew 23:37-39
3Betrayed by a friendZech. 11:13John 13:21, Matt. 26:15-16
4Jesus betrayed for 30 pieces of silverZech. 11:12Matt. 26:15-16
5He who ate with Jesus would betray HimPs. 41:9Mark 14:18
6Money to be thrown in God’s houseZech. 11:13bMatt. 27:5a
7Money is given for potter’s fieldZech. 11:13bMatt. 27:7
8Forsaken by His disciplesZech. 13:7Mark 14:50
9Accused by false witnessesPs 35:10-12Matt. 26:59-61
10Dumb before accusersIsa. 53:7Matt. 27:12
11Not one of them perish except the son of perditionPs. 41:9John 17:12
12Wounded and bruisedIsa. 53:5Matt. 27:27-31
13Smitten and spit uponIsa. 50:6Matt. 26:67
14MockedPs. 22:7-8Matt. 27:31
15Fell under the crossPs. 109:24-25John 19:17, Luke 23:26
16Hands and feet pierced Ps. 22:16Luke 23:33  
17Crucified with thievesIsa. 53:12Luke 23:32
18They cast lots for His garment Ps. 22:18John 19:23-24  
18Let God deliver HimPs. 22:8Matt. 27:43
19Made intercessions for his persecutorsIsa. 53:12Luke 23:34
20Stared uponPs. 22:17Luke 23:35
21People shook their headsPs. 109:25Matt. 27:39
22My God, My God, why have you forsaken MePs. 22:1Matt. 27:46
23Jesus’ thirstsPs. 69:3John 19:28
24Gall and Vinegar offered to HimPs. 69:21Matt. 27:34, Matt. 27:48
25His forsaken cryPs. 22:1Matt. 27:46
26Father into Your hands I commit My SpiritPs. 31:5Luke 23:46
27His Bones shall not be brokenNum. 9:12,           Ps. 34:19-20John 19:36
28His side was piercedZech. 12:10John19:34
29Heart was brokenPs. 22:14John 19:34
30Buried in rich man’s tombIsa. 53:9  Matt. 27:57-60

Most of the above references were taken from “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell, Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc., pp 166-174.